Where do you want to go

What do you want?

We often start with negative thoughts. For instance:

  • don’t want to be carrying excess body fat.
  • don’t want to feel out of shape.
  • don’t want to take all these medications.
  • don’t want to feel unattractive and unsexy

Its a start, but not a clear action plan.

You have to keep going from there to define what you do want.


Try this..

  • want to be lean and healthy.
  • want to be in better shape — strong, fast, flexible, agile, physically capable.
  • want to take fewer medications, or get off my medications entirely.
  • want to eat normally, intuitively, and sanely. I want to nourish my body with smart food choices.

Well, that feels way more inspiring.

It also starts to give us a blueprint for taking action.

Write to future self

Imagine you could get an email from the future.

The email shows you exactly what you want to happen with your journey.

It’s like “Future You” arrived at the destination and sent an email back in time to tell you what it’s like.

The email tells you what you want.

Not what you don’t want.

Today, come up with your Destination email.

In a year from today, in an ideal world…

  • Where do you want to be?
  • What do you want to be doing?
  • What do you want to feel?
  • What adventures do you want to be having?

Don’t worry about how “realistic” this is right now.

Imagine who and where you could be one year from now.


What to do today

Think about what you DO want.
If need be, start with what you don’t want… but then think about what your “don’t-want” implies.

If you DON’T want to be out of shape… then you probably DO want to be in shape.


End up with a list of “do-wants”… and toss that “don’t-want” list for good

Where could you be in a year from now?

Sky’s the limit! Be bold. Be brave. Be crazy. You’re only limited by your creativity.

Imagine it.

Capture it.

Have fun with it.

And make it just a little more real today.