2. Sugar and Sweeteners

– Sugars and artificial sweeteners are added to lots of drinks and foods. See a so-called “healthy” yogurt in a 100 calorie pack? Read the label! Chances are it is so loaded with added sugar that it’s like eating a 100 calorie candy bar. TOTALLY EMPTY!

As for artificial sweeteners, studies show that people who drink diet drinks with artificial sweeteners simply crave sugar more often and end up eating more sugar as well.

3. Bread, Cereal, Pasta

– These are hard foods to stop eating for most people. They are essentially just carbohydrates and little else. You should focus your energy on getting carbs from fruits and vegetables, especially in the form of fibre. Fibre is harder to break down by the body, and it requires more energy expenditure to digest. Simple carbs like those found in bread, cereal, and pasta do not have much fiber and actually cause insulin spikes.

An added note: most children’s cereals are basically like eating a bar of chocolate for breakfast. DO NOT EAT THEM!)

4. Simple Starches

– Simple starches include potatoes, crisps, corn, chips, and other foods that are loaded with empty calories. These foods are doubly worse because they are not very satisfying and will leave you hungry shortly after eating them.

5. Alcohol

– Alcohol, like soft drinks, is an example of a high carb, low nutrient drink. You want to get most of your calories from healthy foods, not from unhealthy drinks. Ever hear of a beer belly? I thought so. Alcohol consumption will undermine you if you let it… so don’t let it!